His Banner Over Me is Love

Hello YANA Family,

While I was being treated for cancer both times, I would turn to the Psalms and Songs of Solomon to remind me of how much God Loves and cherishes me. I drew on many of the lessons while fighting cancer, and now as I continue on with YANA.
Recently, driving along a very crowded Southern California freeway doing about 4 mph, I was struggling with stepping on ANTS. You may ask ants in your car…thankfully no. Allow me to explain. I’m not talking about the small insects that wreak havoc on picnics, rather the mental kind… Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS). I confess I really struggle with this, especially when I was undergoing treatment for cancer. During my drives, I was dwelling on some particularly harsh spoken ANTS who were highly critical of me and YANA. Looking back, the latter hurt the most. Usually when I have a mental ANT I step on them and they go away. Not this day, the comments really cut deep and were hurtful. Every time a mental ANT would creep in, I would pray. As I did, a Minivan would drive up slowly with a bumper sticker “His Banner Over Me Is LOVE! “ I was immediately reminded of the scriptures from Songs of Solomon and was comforted with God’s peace. This continued for a period of 10 miles or so. Every time the mental ANTS would creep in, the minivan would creep up reminding me of who I belong to and His ever lasting Love and acceptance. I thought about all the fruit from YANA and how the volunteers are pouring in, making such a huge impact on lives of those suffering with cancer.

My prayer is as you struggle with all the uncertainty and pains just to make it through the day, step on the mental ANTS with this beautiful verse….

I Love you all, John

He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.” Song of Solomon 2:4

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