They will run and not grow weary …

Hello YANA Family,

One of our favorite scriptures here at YANA is Isaiah 40:31, “…but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” I was reading a Care Package (CP) request last week and a flood of suppressed memories and emotions came back to me from my second cancer battle. She described how the chemo burns and how she can feel it when she touches the tubing that connects the catheter in her arm.

I remembered during one of my many hospital stays, a nurse was hooking me up to the machine that drips the chemo. Suddenly, the tubing came out of the bag and splattered all over me, the bed, and the room. The chemo liquid started streaming down the tubing. The nurse tried to stop the liquid from coming out, screaming for help as the chemo started burning.

A team came into the room with what looked like hazmat suits and were able to get the situation under control. When everything settled down I noticed that everywhere the chemo splattered it burned small holes or discolored the cloth it touched. They had to quarantine off the room and move me after being cleaned.

This moment stayed mentally tormenting to me for the remainder of that hospital stay. I will admit that day I wanted to give up and die.

So why tell this story to people whose spirits need to be uplifted, not reminded of the suffering and horrible effects of these drugs? I can say without hesitation that Isaiah 40:31 got me through this horrible experience. As I lay there all I could do was repeat this promise over and over until I started to understand it, trust in it and really believe with every part of my being. God saw me through that day and I am here to tell you he will do the same for you.

Our relentless prayer for all we touch battling cancer is that you place your hope in the LORD, that your strength be renewed and you soar on wings like eagles.

All of you who are healthy and reading this please reach out to a cancer patient today by sending a YANA care package. You can help them soar like eagles, by providing the faith, hope and love of God today.

I love you all so very much, John

About John Gronnel

John is a founding member of the You Are Not Alone Ministry and he makes himself available to provide support line services to YANA comfort package recipients. You can read more about his personal journey through cancer by visiting the "Our Stories" webpage.
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2 Responses to They will run and not grow weary …

  1. Dale Victor says:

    I met Bill quite accidentally (maybe not) while waiting for the clinic to open. I was there to start treatment for my latest journey with Lung Cancer. Bill was there to deliver comfort packages. I believe that conversation set me on spiritual and physical road to survivorship. Thank you BIll and YANA.

  2. Sandra Gillhouse says:

    Thank you for this gave me hope and strength for a very weary young man ,my son who has Downs and ALL. After 19 days in hospital he has grown hopeless that he will ever be well again. God bless

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